Design And Security Impact On Consumers’ Intention

To Use Single Platform E-Payment

by Lai P. C.

Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Vol. 22, No. 1 , 2016, page 111–122


This paper summarizes an explorative study of the novel design and security that contribute to consumers’ adoption of an integrated, single platform payment system encompassing card, Internet and mobile technologies in the ASEAN.

The attempt to survey these areas in an integrated fashion is a novel approach that differs from existing studies that mainly focus on adoption factors of these technologies in isolation as well as focuses on the novel design and the security elements.

The empirical results from the quantitative analysis suggest that design, security, perceived usefulness as well as perceived ease of use are significant factors that contribute to consumers’ intention to utilize a single platform payment System. Organizations will be able to utilize the study information for developing products and services that meet the consumers’ single platform E-payment system while also fulfil their objective of corporate social responsibility.

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