Blockchain Securities to Construct Inclusive, Digital Economy Globally

Mahadi Hasan Miraz, A.K. Mahbubul Hye, Md. Khaled Ali. M. Alkurtehe, Mokhtar Ab-dulhakim Alsabahi, Md. Mahbub Alam, Md. Kashedul Wahab, Mamun Habib

Jan 31, 2020


Purpose- This article aims to identify values in the blockchain, distrib-uted ledger and cryptocurrency for na-tional and international trade. This paper analyses and describes blockchain tech-nology and its operation in various sys-tems and values in commercial transac-tions. Besides, this article mainly provides an advanced explanation of this innova-tion that can access differently from dif-ferent fields. Design- In this study, we demonstrate the conceptual framework in G20 countries and Internation trade. Implications-The descriptive diagrams of existing blocks indicating security deliv-ered and real transactions. Also, it sup-presses the description of the standard secretariats of key chains in the Single Commercial Law by “undocumented val-ues” to improve the positioning of block-chain chains. Findings-Blockchain Technologies has the key to building a comprehensive global digital economy that is safe, audited and accountable to residents around the world. Besides, blockchain shows the role in the financial and industrial chain. The limitation-the system needs to rebuild confidence and trust in new financial co-operation.

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