A Study Of Riders And Drivers’ Motivation In Gig Economy For Bungkusit In Klang Valley

by Muhamad Amir Akmal Bin Samsudin

February 2021


During the pandemic covid-19, the industry of logistic, transportation, and delivery services should have become the most required services to all citizen of Malaysia, due to enforcement of the government through movement controlled order, most of Malaysians need their food, items, and online shopping parcel to be delivered straight to home using these services.

However Bungkusit as one of the private company who own a delivery services business is facing challenges in maintaing the profit on monthly basis even if during the pandemic season. This situation occurs due to some factors then need to be validated and confirmed using this research whereby we have identified few hyposthesis from the riders and drivers that, 3 different factors which may have and may not have equal weightage of importance.

This research is to close the gap of why riders and drivers leaving Bungkusit app and choosing the other similar app as their substitute and had caused Bungkusit to experience profit lost. Thus, this research is using the methodology of quantitative, with online questionnaire survey distributed to the targeted respondents via telegram link to the riders and drivers of Bungkusit in Klang Valley only.

The resutls tabulated shown the fact that riders and drivers are really looking up for salary, bonuses and remuneration package that Bungkusit could give compared to other similiar companies, followed by job satisfaction through working system and communication factor. With these significant factors identified, it does help Bungkusit to prioritize in re-strucurting the human capital focus, and the amendment will be more accurate therefore it will assist Bungkusit to shift for a better result.

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