A Novel Framework of E-Commerce Payment via Cell Phone

by Bishwajit Banik Pathik, Md. Imtiaz Shazzad, Manzur H. Khan, Dr. Md. Mamun Habib



This exploratory study addresses an alternative e-commerce payment method via cell phone account. The increasing popularity of electronic commerce and the widespread use of cell phone can be made an interesting substitute method of e-commerce payment for customers and merchants. This paper represents a new method of e-commerce payment system to improve business processes and increase customer trust. The proposed model, based on the secondary data, is a guideline for the real life application those are connected to the low income community. This model would beneficial to the low income community as well as who are incapable of using credit cards but persist cell phones, could use his/her phone account as an electronic wallet.

This payment method could be micro or macro payment, by which e-commerce exploration would be applicable possible in Bangladesh which representing one of the developing countries in the world. Due to the convenience, user friendly, more secured, affordable payment method, the suggested model would be highly acceptable to the community. However, the cell phone service providers can introduce this model as a value added service that would also enhance operations to the business community.

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